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Resolving Haunts

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Assist in Restoring Holistic Health to People and Environments.


Provide one on one Energy Healing Sessions to address issues you haven’t been able to overcome.

Assist you in integrating your spiritual awakening. 

• Increase your self-empowerment  by teaching and assisting during sessions instead of doing it for you.

Facilitate the understanding that we are 100% responsible for everything in our lives individually and collectively and that we have the capability to change it.

Offer Holistic Counsel sessions that look at your multidimensional aspects (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) and help you bring them back into balance with each other.

Clearing and Healing Haunted Locations.

"I offer a very loving, straight forward, professional, approach towards restoring Holistic Health.​"

"Helping with the realization of a world filled with self empowered individuals, holistically ensuring that life is well taken care of for generations to come is my one true love."

Related technologies are for theroretical exploratory purposes only. Not intended to treat, prevent,prescribe for any disease, aliment, or affliction.