About Seth
Seth Buoymaster was born in Massachusetts and grew up in the small town of Cummington. 
Immersed in nature and seclusion, Seth’s journey inward was initiated early.

In that time, he heard the call of his sacred original “divine self” to awaken and find out whom he really was and why he was here. 

Being extremely sensitive in an imbalanced world and not having answers to his questions readily available, Seth was ushered to learn and develop a deep connection with his essence and the celestial levels of existence to restore health and balance. 

Healing consciously on many levels and dimensions has allowed Seth much experience and increased awareness of the issues we all face today and how to get through them. As he grew in more wholeness, he wanted to share it with others. Many saw the changes and wanted him to share with them.

Seth moved to Florida and immersed in the healing arts on many levels by working in the health food industry and starting a business where he provided fitness training coupled with spiritual clearing and healing to address the deeper issues that blocked radiant health.

Seth has been consciously working with nonphysical personalities that are in alignment with eternal life for over a decade to bring love, truth and clarity to thousands of individuals and their vast array of life experiences.

His most natural gifts and talents are that of spiritual teaching and healing. Through these expressions, he helps to restore health and harmony to many areas of life and assist humanity with true self realization.

All that Seth has researched, learned, and experienced in the avenue of healing has come together into a unique system called E.L.A.S. (Eternal Life alignment System). It is a co-creative accomplishment with many brilliant nonphysical and physical beings that have the common interest of eternal life alignment.

This system can be used to assist a myriad of sub-health challenges that impede the natural tendency of indelible life.

Seth's approach is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, ailment or affliction. 
That is for conventional medicine.

Trainings and Education​

Seth has acquired various degrees to help deliver his services with professionalism:

 B.S. in Holistic Health from American Institute of Holistic Theology (A.I.H.T). 

 Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

 Licensed Reverend of the Dolphin Star Temple (www.amorahquanyin.com).

The following classes from the Dolphin Star Temple have been completed: 

FSP (Full Sensory Perception)1,2,3

 PLI ( Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives)1,2,3.

FSP 1: Reading, clearing, and healing aura, seven chakras; kundalini channels; depossession; clearing implants, deprogramming, accessing Akashic Records, beginning level soul healing, clearing black magic, and healing sub-chakras.

FSP 2: Reading, clearing, and healing subconscious, healing unconscious, karmic pain, 
multi-dimensional soul healing, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual body healing, astral body and holographic healing, personality, soul retrieval,and healing soul rifts.

FSP 3 : Reading, clearing, and healing body-being channels, several levels of past lives, including ghost retrieval, reclaiming past life strengths, pain clearing, reframing, and twin flame past life healing; genetics, addictions, self-sabotage, soul's blueprint/monolith, role of chakras in creation and manifestation, soul recalibration, original 8-cell clearing.

• (PL I ) PLI (Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives)1,2,3.

PL I 1: Dolphin Moves; Ka Channel Healing and Activation, Dolphin Star-Linking, DNA activation, Central Nervous System Healing, advanced hands-on healing techniques for depatterning/repatterning deeply ingrained behavioral patterns, clearing implosion patterns, kundalini work, releasing structural holding patterns and damage.

PL I 2: Cellular Healing for whole body and for organs and glands, original 8-cell clearing, original 8-cell genetic clearing, Ka/Meridian Linking, Dolphin Moves, Dolphin Star Linking, and numerous advanced hands on techniques. 

PL I 3: Diamondlight Activation of Ka Channels, Merkaba Activation, advanced multidimensional alignment, Dolphin Moves, Dolphin Star Linking: Channeling a Core Issue.

​Since 2010, Seth has been studying and applying Keylontic Science, which is the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes and the base codes of matter. 
This has provided Seth with a huge amount of highly technical imformation on the science of creation mechanics. 
This understanding makes sessions far more effective.
Reconnecting Heaven to Earth
About seth