Psychic Kids
I've dedicated this space to offer help to psychic Kids and psychics in general that are in need of restoring balance, healing, empowerment, and appreciation for their natural abilities.

One of my natural expressions is to assist those with  full sensory abilities that are having a hard time integrating and understanding them. I have been there and now live in balance with much phenomenon and have so much to share making this part of life so much easier.  

Below is information on a weekend event  as the call arises, and below that is are healing tips to get you on track now.


  • Send me a brief description of your situation.
  • What you are experiencing and how it is affecting your life and the lives of those around you?
  • What are your abilities, and what do you like and dislike about them?
  • How long have you been experiencing your abilities?
  • If you could learn one thing to help you what would it be?

For the parents
  • What has your experience been like with your child with psychic abilities?
  • Do you have abilities yourself? If so what are they?
  • What would be most helpful for you to learn? 


Above are some flowers to blend with to bring some healing now.
Just relax all tensions and allow the message or essence of the flower to merge gently with you replacing discordant energy with harmonious ones. 
Print out and stare at when you feel imbalanced. Also, get some books on flowers and find the ones you resonate with more deeply and feel wonderful when you look upon them.

 Flowers are powerful teachers as their emanations speak specific messages.
 For example the ones above help to move out of apathy, restore enthusiasm for life, calm the nerves from frightening situations, and instilling calm and poise when experiencing psychic phenomenon.
Reconnecting Heaven to Earth
Healing art by Seth Buoymaster
Private Sessions with Seth Buoymaster
(Uncovering Root Causes and Clearing Them)

  When in session, I ask your spirit what is most needed to actualize your highest potential at this time. I will be assisting you in reading, clearing, and healing the issue needing to be addressed. 
It's hard to say what will exactly happen as we are so vast, but I'm sure that what is most needed will be addressed. 

What I bring to the session is everything that I’ve learned through life, my training's, and a team of Beings of Divine Light to address the issue. These session are 50/50. You are responsible to make the conscious changes to reach your goals. I will assist you with many levels of healing, increased awareness of your challenge, and how you can move through and beyond it with grace. It's up to you to claim that.
It's all about empowerment and releasing limitations so you can move on with your life and be all that you really are.
  These sessions can be done on phone or in person. 
  If the session is in person, please arrive fragrance free. No perfumes of any kind not even in your clothing. Pure 100% essential oils are fine in moderation. Synthetic perfumes are neuro-toxins and I would rather not have to process the damage they incur.
  Sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours. I have a sliding fee of $60.00-$100.00 per hour. Prices also vary depending on travel. 
  For those that are sincere and can't afford the base rate I provide free sessions when guided.

  The first session is to set up some ground work and self- help tools with which you will need to process further on your own, claiming mastery of your life. If you have built a foundation on your own with which to process healing work, great. I will add anything that may be necessary to your situation. It would be unethical for me to take you to a deep place needing to be healed and then leave you there without anyway to help yourself.

Clients have successfully:

  Improved their self- image.

  Learned to free themselves of chronic emotional reactions.

  Learned to view themselves and the world differently therefore creating a healthier relationship

  with their inner and outer worlds.

  Improved their self-expression.

  Restored their peace after the loss of loved ones and companions.

  Balanced their giving and receiving.

  Increased their self-love and deservingness.

  Found immediate results when they felt stuck.

  Freed themselves from the insatiable appetite for more.

  Created a healthy relationship with the body.

  Learned to slow down to a more productive, health promoting pace for their lives.

  Reduced pain (physical and emotional).

  Restored a sense of safety.

  Achieved a holistically balanced lifestyle.

Other areas of life that can be addressed are:

  Working with psychic children and their parents to find peace and balance.

  Exorcisms, Depossessions.

  Retrieving answers to unanswered questions.

  Healing relationships on many levels.

  Grieving processes.

  Helping you to remember and develop your gifts.

  Connecting with loved ones that have crossed over.

If you have any questions or to set up an appointment email me 
Help with nonphysical personalities

Another service I provide is restoring peace to haunted homes, land or people.

There are many shows today bringing the awareness of nonphysical personalities and their effect upon places and people. Some are having very difficult times living in peace being constantly disturbed by these forces.

The training and experiences I've had over my life have prepared me to handle a vast array of situations and how to heal the damage caused by them.

"I'm a spiritual truth restorer at the heart of my being and love is my sword to manifest the divine ideal. I take a no nonsense approach that works to bring about a win/win situation for all involved."

If you are experiencing a phenomenon and can't seem to get rid of it, let me know and I can help.

The picture above was selected to awaken the courage and strength within those who look upon it.

Notice the gentle healing and release of powerlessness as the presence of the protector and restorer of truth stands forth within you.

As you feel it within yourself you become it.
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