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Related technologies are for theroretical exploratory purposes only. Not intended to treat, prevent,prescribe for any disease, aliment, or affliction.
One on One Sessions with Seth Buoymaster
(Uncovering Root Causes and Clearing Them)

 When in session, I utilize my full sensory perceptions to read, clear, and heal the causes of sub-health conditions. 

 I have undergone extensive trainings to awaken and hone these perceptions to bring forth an accuracy that produces immediate shifts in multidimensional anatomy towards greater levels of health. 

These shifts are permanent unless the individual decides to shift back to the previous way of living. That is unlikely because they are really ready to change their life.

These session are 50/50. You are responsible to make the conscious changes to reach your goals. 

I will assist you with many levels of healing, increased awareness of your challenge, and how you can move through and beyond it with grace. It's up to you to claim that.

These sessions can be done on phone or in person. 

If the session is in person, please arrive fragrance free. No perfumes of any kind not even in your clothing. Pure 100% essential oils are fine in moderation. Synthetic perfumes are neuro-toxins and I would rather not have to process the damage they incur.

 Sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours. I have a sliding fee of $60.00-$100.00 per hour.

 Prices also vary depending on travel. 

For those that are sincere and can't afford the base rate I provide free sessions when guided.

Clients have successfully:

  Improved their self- image.

  Learned to free themselves of chronic emotional reactions.

  Learned to view themselves and the world differently therefore creating a healthier relationship.

  Improved their self-expression.

  Restored their peace after the loss of loved ones and companions.

  Balanced their giving and receiving.

  Increased their self-love and deservingness.

  Found immediate results when they felt stuck.

  Freed themselves from the insatiable appetite for more.

  Created a healthy relationship with the body.

  Learned to slow down to a more productive, health promoting pace for their lives.

  Reduced pain (physical and emotional).

  Restored a sense of safety.

  Achieved a holistically balanced lifestyle.

Other areas of life that can be addressed are:

  Working with psychic children and their parents to find peace and balance.


  Retrieving answers to unanswered questions.

  Healing relationships on many levels.

  Grieving processes.

  Helping you to remember and develop your gifts.

  Connecting with loved ones that have crossed over.

If you have any questions or to set up an appointment email me 

Life Shift Work (Brief Explanation)
Who is this Energy work for?
This type of Energy work is for those that have come to the place in their life where they are ready to be 100 % responsible. They have realized that victim and blame attitudes are no longer appropriate ways of living. They also are choosing to experience greater levels of health and understand that attitudinal behavioral patterns are causing stress and dysfunction and are choosing to correct it.

For them they realize that the reactions they have and the way they interact with others is coming from them on a level their not entirely aware of; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

They have asked themselves, “Where did this reaction come from” and are looking for ways to really heal it instead of coping with it through suppression and denial tactics. 

The coping skill of controlling and manipulating others in order to feel OK is recognized as unhealthy and there is a willingness to change their issues to restore their inner peace.

This essential step is required for anyone to be able to improve their health on any level.

 The process is an intuitive exploration to discover and then shift the stuck unhealthy beliefs and feelings with more appropriate ones. 

The person will be made aware of hidden belief structures and given opportunities to shift them. This essentially has shown to free up the stuck pattern and allow more health to unfold in their life.

The practitioner’s extensive training in reading, clearing, and healing issues allows them to pinpoint the root and assist the person in removing those energetic distortions creating more balance. This is different from traditional psychology as it works on the intrinsic energy patterns that make up the unhealthy stuck occurrences in their life. 

Through talking, a story line of their life unfolds and this story is full of beliefs, judgments, feelings etc... These very specific energetic informational field dynamics that are holding the unhealthy loop in place, when approached properly, can be shifted with the persons’ conscious choice. In other words the beliefs, etc can all be shifted or cleared so they no longer play like a broken record in their life. The “active” memory is essentially processed or “deactivated” in a loving way.

These forms of damaged emotional vibrations with the related belief structure wreak havoc on the person’s life if left active and buried through denial.

This shifting has shown to help people find a freedom in an area of their life where they once felt “bad”. Essentially that “button” that gets pushed is no longer activating anything energetically when pushed. There is a peace and an ability to remain conscious and choose how to react differently to what is happening in the situation that triggered them before and they “lost it” and automatically reacted. Most know what is being expressed here.  The situation of being with someone that you have to walk on eggshells around because you don’t know what is going to trigger them, or you do, and have to hold back on your natural expression so you don’t get harmed by the unconscious automatic reaction that possess them. You can see how unhealthy it is and what harm it does to not be responsible for what's going on inside yourself.

Forgotten or denied active memories have a direct impact on all the systems of the person. With multiple active memories or stressors emanating constantly whether people are aware of them or not, has a direct impact on the person’s life and the life fields around them. That is why we know when something is wrong with someone else, we can see it in their face and emotionally it feels unbalancing to be around them. 

Each manifestation is custom designed to the situation.
For example the skeleton system can manifest degradation or abnormalities in relation to support issues. The skeleton represents support. It supports the muscles, tendons, organs, etc… so any issue of “support” will work to show a dysfunction in that system. Even the simple lack of adequate minerals that doesn’t support the skeletal system will manifest there. Support issues aren’t the only issue that can affect the bones, yet it helps to illustrate the concept of self analysis with mental/ emotional correspondences or mind / body connections.

Our consciousness creates beliefs, concepts and basic life philosophies. These are orchestrating life to coalesce or bend to our will based on our wants, needs, and desires. 

A belief is an emotionally charged thought- form. 
Our thought- forms orchestrate events in our lives.
That is why every individual has different experiences and interpretations of a same event.

This may seem hard to believe at first yet upon closer inspection you will see that all manifestation starts as a thought first. All the steps to bring the idea to completion are full of other beliefs, concepts and ideas.

When many focus on the same belief, concept, and basic life philosophy the idea compounds and a larger co-creative event unfolds.

For example the idea of America; it’s built upon beliefs thoughts, feelings, life philosophies and many people support that to manifest that idea. 

We are co-creating and maintaining the collective idea as we change our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. 

Cultures are a clear example of this. Culture is built and maintained by the groups’ beliefs, concepts, and life philosophies. If any of them changes, the culture starts to change.

So with this understanding it’s imperative to discover and shift the no longer appropriate beliefs, concepts and life philosophies that are the undercurrents that we live by if we want anything to change. This understanding falls into the category of Conscious Bioinformatical Shift Dynamics.

Most of this happens on a subconscious and unconscious level and people feel like a victim as if life is doing this to them when their belief manifests and attracts circumstances into their life. It’s their beliefs, judgments, and life philosophies that are coalescing the circumstances for them to experience and their unaware of it.

 If you have ever ran across the person that says with a negative tone “there is always something”, underneath that is the belief and feeling that “life is always dealing me problems”. The belief will keep pulling in problem after problem. The more problems they encounter the more they reaffirm the belief that “there is always something” and an unhealthy circle ensues. 

This is where belief and feeling work comes into play. To discover the person’s belief that keeps pulling “something” into their experience and canceling it changes how the law of attraction operates for them. The law of attraction will end supplying that manifestation. This is an understanding of creation dynamics. The Bioinformational field transfer (the respiration of life) with the macrocosmic manifestation creates a co-creative loop. Life is far from just happening by chance events. The events of life were set in motion by consciousness fields. When we choose to become fully conscious we will understand conscious co-creation dynamics more fully.

Once we realize we make choices consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously the more we realize that the field of life has always been answering our requests. 

Self awareness is the first step to actively changing your life.

This discovery and shifting processing has shown to be effective in clearing inner conflict and unhealthy attractor patterns. It’s far easier to discover, pull the belief, and heal the pain associates with it, than it is to live our life trying to cope with the broken record playing in our life all the time. It’s also more effective to “shift” it than it is to try and smear a layer of positive affirmation over a mountain of negativity. Smearing positivity over negativity creates conflict. Why? Because the old patterning is still running and trying to change course when an old pattern has a strong momentum takes a lot of energy to maintain. People will say “I’m using new thoughts and I see a difference and then it all falls apart and the opposite or the old way comes right back”. 
When you clear the old pattern and then apply the new thought pattern you will then be able to move forward without conflict and make a smooth transition from one stage of life to the next.

An example of conflict is when we are choosing for example to have more abundance, and start working the positive affirmations or whatever technique and we start to acquire more of it, and then the abundant flow is gone. 
Then we try again and work to be abundant, get there and then it’s gone. The process is like a tide it comes and goes. This is a clear indication that there is a conflict happening. The denied or unacknowledged scarcity that the individual carries comes in and works to bring in scarcity into the person’s life. Once the scarcity beliefs and feelings are acknowledged, faced and cleared the flow of abundance in the person’s life will be much easier and steadier.

These sessions are about shifting the unhealthy no longer appropriate beliefs, feelings, concepts to more health promoting ones. This helps to end a life of coping with the buried issue.

Coping skill pitfall
People that haven’t realized that beliefs can be canceled just deal with it and bury it, drink it away, over exercise, take drugs, play video games order to cope with them.
Most are taught to just move on and bury it. This sets up an unhealthy pattern of unprocessed energetics that we label as feelings and thoughts.

Denial is a stop sign and an unhealthy coping skill that people can use for various reasons. 

Denial on any level will hold back health.

The processing of one’s beliefs and feelings has become important because denial has become normal. 

Coping Skill living is an unhealthy choice. 

A coping skill can help for a temporary period of time. It’s unhealthy to use it for the rest of your life. It can be very exhausting and have negative consequences.

The person that hasn’t cleared the negative self beliefs walks around with low self esteem and can become a weak will door mat, over achiever, a people pleaser or take drugs to numb the pain and escape and deny the real issue. This is a short list of events that fall in the category of coping with denied energetics that come in the form of beliefs and feelings. 
Basically address the beliefs, and the need for a coping skills ends.

Most people want to be responsible yet haven’t been taught the self processing tools that actually shift the unhealthy no longer appropriate attitudinal behavior pattern.
We have been conditioned to focus outside of ourselves and when we do we can have so much baggage built up and unprocessed it seems overwhelming for some.

That’s where having a belief and feeling worker can be helpful. Through their experience they are able to help you look differently at situations to become more proficient at discovering what the core beliefs are.
Change your beliefs and feelings and you change your world is more than a saying. 
It has a strong foundation in creation mechanics.

Sugar coating life is a coping skill most people use to deny anything is wrong. 
The worst form of denial is to believe nothing is wrong.

Be 100% responsible.

Become introspective and check in with yourself regularly through the day and ask yourself, "what or where did that habit, reaction, or feeling word come from?"
From there it is much easier to recognize the patterns you carry that keep unhealthy manifestations in place. 
If this responsibility isn’t chosen then the victim plays out. A common expression of the victim is, “It’s not me, it’s everything else or someone else that is causing this to happen to me”. The undercurrent of all victims’ is that they are powerless, out of control, that there isn’t anything they can do about “bad" things happening to them.

Even if the person is with someone that is abusive on a mental, emotional, physical, level and they choose to stay it still boils down to their choices to stay in the situation based on their beliefs, thoughts, and life philosophy whether their aware of them or not. 

Coming out of the unconsciousness of not knowing what’s going on inside yourself in the area of beliefs, feelings etc… is the solution to truly reclaim your sovereignty. Discernment must be employed as part of our responsibility.

Self discipleship is self discipline with self love.

Take control of your life and book a session today to discover yourself and learn some self help tools to increase your holistic health program.

Flow of creation dynamics (Simplified)
Imprinting from Original Cause> Individual Thought Patterns> Beliefs+ Emotional Correspondences > Fascia/Nervous System Stimulation> Physical Atomic Outcomes> Corresponding manifestations backflow into beings life>repeat from individual thought patterns from back flow return informational wave.

Resolving Haunts

Another service I provide is restoring Balance to haunted homes, objects, lands or people. 

The training and experiences I've had over my life have prepared me to handle a vast array of situations and how to heal the damage caused by them.

Haunts are a real phenomenon and I take them seriously. 

​I take a no nonsense approach that works to bring about a win/win situation for all involved.

If you are experiencing a phenomenon and can't seem to get rid of it, let me know and I can help.

​Spiritual Integration

I've dedicated this space to offer help to psychic of all ages that are in need of restoring balance, healing, empowerment, and appreciation for their natural abilities.

One of my natural expressions is to assist those with full sensory abilities that are having a hard time integrating and understanding them. I have been their, and now live in balance with much phenomenon and have so much to share making this part of life so much easier.  


Send me a brief description of your situation.

What you are experiencing and how it is affecting your life and the lives of those around you?
What are your abilities, and what do you like and dislike about them?
How long have you been experiencing your abilities?
If you could learn one thing to help you what would it be?

For the Parents of Psychic Children
What has your experience been like with your child with psychic abilities?
Do you have abilities yourself? If so what are they?
What would be most helpful for you to learn?
What you are experiencing and how it is affecting your life and the lives of those around you?
What are your abilities, and what do you like and dislike about them?
How long have you been experiencing your abilities?
If you could learn one thing to help you what would it be?