" Along with demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge base in his chosen field, Seth's understanding of the nuances of energy psychology is remarkable. His manner of presentation is convincing and powerful. The insights presented in his counseling sessions speak to deep issues that many people share. He is a voice of the future now."

-John R Steinrock-

* * *

"Seth's complete presence is the gift that he brings to his sessions. He provides a safe container for the client to go into the deepest parts of the self and begin to take responsibility for their life. He works with ease and with grace and meets you at whatever level you are at. His work shines with truth and I am grateful for having the chance to work with him."

-Tanya Guerrero-

* * *

"I cant begin to share how much better I have been feeling since I started Seth's Healing with the Angels class. Seeing the potential with his teachings I have been working with him in some private sessions that have been miraculous. I had been feeling overwhelmed, not being in control of my emotions, basically drained and hopeless almost everyday not knowing why or what to do to get results. 
Seth has this natural ability and specialized training that actually gets right to the root of the problem and helps to eliminate them one by one. I truly can feel the difference in my body, mind and spirit. I had tried many methods of healing and prayer which I think all of them helped some but I never had such a breakthrough as with Seth's help. 
I also had some unhealthy addictions and habits I had been trying to get rid of for some time but never had been successful on my own.  This really was much more  thorough and faster than  any other form of traditional therapy I have ever heard of or tried before.
Thank you Seth, and thank you Creator for sending  Seth to help me.  I wish everyone was aware of the possibilities."

-Ginger Walmer-
* * *  

“Seth is one of those truly unique individuals that can help you to transform your life, with grace and ease.  You still have to do the work, but with Seth’s patience, insight, guidance, and presence, you find yourself welcoming the journey, obstacles and all.  Seth is compassionate and kind, yet he gently pushes you to reach your highest potential.
Seth is completely present in all that he does. He is a wealth of knowledge, and is willing to share tools and information to assist you.  I have never felt anything except love, peace and acceptance from Seth.  Just being in his presence has the power to transform you.  Seth has had a major impact on my life, and with helping me to find my divine self and remember who I am.  Seth is a true blessing to humanity.”

-Sheri McCabe

* * *

"Because of Seth, this world is safer, more wonderful, more loving place.   His gift is staggering and his heart is unstoppable. For those of us that are fortunate enough to have experienced Seth, our lives will never be the same.  I am eternally grateful to be guided by him.  To witness the divine through another human being is astounding; to learn to connect to the divine myself is beyond my wildest dreams."

- Stephanie - 
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